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■Linda Ong ( the first meeting)

Linda is the bassplayer and singer of Singapore band, Lunarin. She started writing her own songs at the age of 16 when she formed the now defunct band,
Fuzzbox, with her schoolmates. Songwriting has been a passion of hers ever since.
Apart from being influenced by heavy Grunge bands of the early 90s and heavy art rock, Linda enjoys music by Kate Bush, P J Harvey, Jeff Buckley, Cocteau Twins and Tori Amos.
She believes that music can be more powerful than words; and that songwriters make terrible poets. Contrary to popular belief, she does not listen to heavy metal.

■Lux & Miro (f.wisdom tooth)

Natalie started playing the violin from the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since.
Over the years, her curiosity and good fortune have sparked collaborations across genres –
with indie pop darlings, art rockers, electronica musicians, more. She’s mostly accompanied by her wonderful partners,
violins Lux and Miro, electric violin Boomer, ukulele Tobey, and glockenspiel Tintin.

■Zieum (f.bird song)

Position : Songwriter, Lyric writer, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Designer, Art Director
Gender : Female
Day job : Student
MUSICAL CAREER HISTORY : 사람12사람[Band](Member/Songwriter,Vocal)

■masato abe (f.can i come by tonight)

コンピレーションアルバム「silence by silence 」への参加、mizui kakeru の映像作品「WORMY」への楽曲提供など、ゆっくりと範囲を広げながら活動中。


■Petitoto (f.子守唄)

2009年に音楽活動を始め、フランスのレーベル「MONSTERK7」 から発売されたコンピレーション アルバム「music for toys 3」に参加。
2011年にアメリカのレーベル「dynamophone Records」から アルバム「hakoniwa」と コラージュブックを発売。

■CIRCA (f.all of me)

His identity and how ..

■asa (f.night train)

are Higashiyama kaori and Various persons, since 2011.In various approaches mainly the sing with instruments, featuring electronica sounds in record and band set in live.

releases :
“asa e.p.” dousoukai 2011
“totokoko christmas compilation3 (m.5)” totokoko label 2012
“nadegata” independent 2013
“時間の箱 -JIKAN NO HAKO-” stuk Label 2013
“totokoko star festival compilation (m.11)” totokoko label 2013

web :

■Ferri (f.終わりなき終わり)

2012年、kilk recordsより「a broken carousel」2014年には「∞」をリリース。
低音から ファルセットまで自在に操る歌唱力と、女神のようだと称される歌声、
そして森大地のプロデュースによる刺激 的かつ儚い美しさのある楽曲は国内外問わず、多くの評価を得ている。

official web: